Unibody MacBook Pro Vs. MacBook

December 19, 2009

As you probably already know, Apple has rolled out a new line of MacBook Pro’s. But people often come out with questions like, ‘Why shouldn’t I save £100 and buy a White MacBook, then spend an extra £100 on a Unibody MacBook Pro 13″?’ Well to be completely honest there isn’t much that set the two apart from one and other. To me, I consider there to be 3 major things that set these two fantastic machines apart, and these are:

1) The Aluminium Unibody Design. MacBook Pro’s are carved from 1 solid block of Aluminium (Aluminum as the Americans like to call it) This means that notebooks will be much more resistant and better yet, significantly lighter. Let alone these features, it looks great too.

2) The other major difference between the MacBook Pro 13″ and the white MacBook is the SD Card slot. Now, this may not seem so major to some people, but it is to people who are photographers etc.. who work with SD cards. This feature will more then likely become handy at some point during the time someone owns it.

3) The third most important thing that separates the two machines apart from each other is the fact that the MacBook Pro’s have a FireWire 800 port. I’m not sure why Apple chose to take this out of the MacBook’s but I think its pretty dumb idea.

The three above things that I mentioned are that I consider to be the three most important differences between the two machines. I believe that if the MacBook had these three features then the MacBook Pro 13″ wouldn’t really qualify to be Pro. Perhaps that’s why Apple didn’t implement these into the MacBook. Or maybe it was money related, and that Apple specifically built the MacBook to be more of a budget machine that also has amazing performance, but I think anyone who’s torn between the two, seriously guys spend the extra 100 smackers. You wont regret your choice! Not to mention the differences, MacBook and MacBook Pro 13″ also have their similarities.

For instance they both feature a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics chip, a 7 Hour integrated battery, and they both have 2-gigs of DDR3 ram. But for some reason the MacBook has a 250Gb hard drive, and the MacBook Pro 13″ only has a 160GB hard drive. Considering the MacBook Pro’s a Pro, shouldn’t this be the other way around? Or have they don’t this for a reason? Comment guys!


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